Cruise Inn Rules

Please take the time to review these important items to ensure you have a great stay at the cottage on the Island: By reading this document and sending the required deposit you are agreeing that any damages to the property or its contents done by you the renter or your guest makes you, the renter legally responsible. In doing so, we hope you respect the entire property and follow these few simple rules:

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Condition of the Property

It is the responsibility of Guests to inform Devon (by phone) immediately of any damaged or defective furniture, appliances, etc. The property will be in a clean state when you arrive, and you are required to leave it in the same state upon your departure. (If you believe that you have arrived to damage, immediately let Devon know to not jeopardize your deposit.Both Cottages have a maximum allowable number of occupants. The North End Cottage comfortably sleeps a maximum of 7 guests. The South End Cottage comfortably sleeps a maximum number of 8 guests and all occupants are considered “Guests”.

Rental Details

North Cottage Address 95 North Shore Rd.
South Cottage Address 347 South Shore Rd.

Check in is 4pm and check out is 11am. Your booking will only be confirmed upon receipt of a $200 damage deposit. 
The Cottage must be paid in full prior to arrival or your reservation will be cancelled. Deposits and payments will be accepted as:
e-transfer: or personal cheque payable to; Devon Truax. Damage deposits will not be returned when deemed appropriate and at the discretion of the owner and property manager.


The Cottage will be left unlocked for your arrival. Please return the key to the same spot and DO NOT lock the door upon leaving. One key will be provided for use during your stay and can be found in the following location:
Cruise Inn North: hanging by the red door in the living room
Cruise Inn South: on the counter in the kitchen


When checking out, the cottage is to be left UNLOCKED with all lights and fans off and all windows closed.
Cruise Inn North please turn off any window A/C units. Cruise Inn South please leave A/C unit at 72 degrees using the wall thermostat on the wall in the living room.


The kitchen is fully stocked with pots and pans, cooking utensils, dishes, drinking glasses and serving items. This property is a rental only and we do not stock perishable kitchen items (salt, pepper, ketchup, cooking oil, tin foil, matches etc..). If you require something for your stay it is your responsibility to bring it with you.
For your convenience the following small appliances and utensils are provided: coffee maker, tea pot, blender, microwave, wine opener, and bbq utensils. Please refrain from leaving your leftover food and condiments behind. If you bring items with you, kindly take them all home with you.


Remember to bring your linens including bath towels, beach towels, sheets, and pillow cases as these are not supplied.
There are drying and wash towels in the kitchen. Please leave these in the kitchen sink upon your departure.
The cottages have the following beds available:

Cruise Inn NorthCruise Inn South

Room #1- 1 queen bed with 2 pillows
Room #2- 1 double bed with 2 pillows

Room #3- 1 double bed with a twin bunk on top with 3 pillows

Room #1 – 1 queen bed with 2 pillows

Room #2 – 1 queen bed with 2 pillows

Room #3 – 2 single bunk beds with 4 pillows

Garbage and Recyclables

Garbage and Recyclables must be taken to the waste transfer station or simply take them with you.
Waste Transfer Station Hours: Mon, Wed & Fri 8am to noon Sat, Sun & Holidays 11am - 4pm) located on McCormick Rd. (these times may vary during the season, please check – or there is a sign outside the entrance with accurate hours of operation). If you are staying a week it is best to make it to the transfer station more than once during your stay. Please note there is a nominal fee for dropping off garbage at the transfer station. There is no charge for recyclables left at the transfer station. Please note the LCBO will only accept returns on certain days, these items can be recycled or taken with you.


Sorry..... no wifi. Also be mindful that if you are staying, driving or hiking at the south end of the island, certain cell providers will automatically cause your phone to roam to a cell tower in the United States. Charges may apply.


There is to be no smoking whatsoever (of any substance) inside the homes or on the porch furniture. If you are looking for a place to smoke, please use the lawn area or driveway and ensure that all cigarettes are disposed of properly and not inside the home garbage. Please dispose of all cigarette butts in a non-flammable container. 


Pets are permitted in the cottage. You MUST clean up after your pet both inside the cottage and on the property. Please do not allow them on the furniture or beds.

Water and Septic 

Please kindly do not throw anything in the toilet other than toilet paper. Our septic system thanks you! The water from the tap can be used for drinking, cooking and ice. The South End cottage has a water tank that we haul water to, so water conservation is key and appreciated.

Water Access 

Cruise Inn North-water access by stairs on the property (please use with caution and at your own risk)
Cruise Inn South– water access is available directly across the road from the property. This property is accessed at your own risk. Need to buy, forgot to bring: We do supply toilet paper and garbage bags. If either of these items are low please text Devon early in your stay. (519-818-5511). 

Groceries & Gas

Groceries, gas and other items may be purchased at the Pelee Island Cooperative located at the north end of the island. We suggest you make yourself well aware of the hours of operation before assuming they will be open during prime or shoulder seasons. Pelee Island Cooperative 519-724-2910. The Shacks, located across from the Co-op are open everyday starting in June through part of September. You can find a few small staple items there (tooth brush, soap, worms for fishing etc) along with souvenir items (shirts, candles, crafts) that you may want to purchase and take home with you!


There are ice cube trays found in the freezer. Ice may be available for purchase at various locations on the island on a seasonal basis. Prime Summer Season: Westview Tavern, The Shacks and The East Side Campground. Plan ahead or begin making when you arrive.

Fire Pit

There is a fire pit. Please use responsibly and extinguish with every use. Firewood can be purchased at a local residence on Harris Garno Rd and at The Shacks near the Co-op at the north end. Plan ahead as it may sell out.


Please watch your step on the property. If it rains as it can become muddy in the yard. Muddy shoes are to be left outside.
There is both a propane BBQ and a charcoal BBQ provided. (charcoal at the North End cottage only). Propane is provided, Please text Devon (519-818-5511) if the tank is empty. Propane BBQ must be turned on and off at the tank for every use.
Charcoal is not provided and should be brought with you or purchased at the Pelee Island Cooperative.

Respect and Expectations

Please respect your neighbours by keeping music and television at appropriate volumes.
The Cottage and property should be left the way you found it and respected during your stay.
There are cleaning items in the closet by the back door. Please leave the cottage clean, neat and tidy

Owner Contact

Devon Truax - 519-818-5511
If you have an immediate concerns please feel free to text me. I see my text before I see I emails, especially if I am on the island!!